June 18, 2009

When it rains in Puebla, it pours. And hails. So I´ll take some time to update you all on some stuff, since I can´t do anything else.

I arrived in Puebla Tuesday night. I had no problems getting here, although if I had this would turn out to be a much more interesting post.

Puebla is just how I left it. My favorite Molote place is still up and running. My favorite church still has adoration of the blessed sacrament from noon until quarter to 7. The gas man still drives around with his thunder-ballad.

My spanish has gotten pretty bad, too, so it´s good that I´m here. I have a private lesson and my teacher is really fun, so we joke around a lot in class. She has actually instructed a few friends of mine as well.

Life is really nice here, and I can´t complain. I´m trying to find a guide to help me on my way to visit the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe this weekend, but I´m not having much luck. I´m sure I´ll figure it out, though.

Adios. I´ll try to have some pictures uploaded soon, but it might have to wait until I get back stateside of the border. I also got some crazy videos of the hail.



  1. Hi Brian,

    I enjoyed reading about your recent adventures. Thanks for the update! It is good to see that you are jumping in with both feet. That is the BEST way to experience your trip! The gas guy is pretty funny!

    No worries, the Spanish will come back in a snap, especially if you get hungry or need to find ‘el bano’! ha ha! Take care!

    We are thinking of you and praying for you.

    Laurie Glovers & the family!

  2. Thanks G-Lovers.

    I had a pretty awesome weekend so check back so I can tell you about it.

    Take care,


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