June 23, 2009

I had a great weekend traveling around Mexico. I didn´t want to miss out on an opportunity to visit the famous basilica of Guadalupe, where our lady appeard to St. Juan Diego. If you don´t know the story, click here.

So I went, alone, to the basilica. This meant I had to take a cab to the bus station, a bus to Mexico City, and then the Mexico City Subway, so I could walk about 8 blocks to the Church. I definately wouldn´t have been up for this last year, but the folks at the Spanish Institute were quite helpful.

It took me about three and a half ours to get there, but it was worth it.
I got to spend about three hours at this holy place. I got to go to mass, I spent lots of time in prayer, and I simply walked around the grounds and enjoyed the view. Then I went back to Puebla. It was tiring, but well worth it.

Sunday I had a nice lunch with the family I´m staying with. I live with a very old couple, and their children and grandchildren all came over as is the custom of many families in Mexico. I´m not sure what the conversation was about, but I hope it wasn´t about me, because everyone was laughing pretty hard. But the food was good and it was nice to experience this part of the culture.

Then I finally made it to the movies and saw Star Trek.

I was pleasently surprised on Monday when one of my fellow seminarians showed up for classes here in Puebla. I wasn´t expecting it, but it´s nice to have him here.

I have no real plans this week, except to try and watch the miraculous US Soccer team play against Spain in the Confederations Cup Semifinal.

And with that, I´m out.



  1. I miss the Basilica, I hope I can go again soon. Did you get a chance to see any of the pilgrims coming in on their knees? Some have come like that all the way from their homes, that type of faith is always incredible to see! As far as futbol goes we’ll see how the US does, maybe they’ll make up for Mexico’s lackluster performance lately, they’ve had a few games where I wasn’t happy with how they played. Gotta pull those points up in the standings!

  2. Bryan,

    It sounds like you have had a WONDERFUL weekend!! Susie, my sister, lived in Mexico City and absolutely loved going to the Basilica! Keep the blog entries coming! I love reading them!

    Peace, Laurie

  3. It was fun seeing you today. I have to say though, I’m happy that those huge slices of tongue on tortilla were on your plate, and not mine!

    Suerte con tus clases!


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