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Weekend plans…

September 26, 2009

1) Get a haircut
2) Get a ton of reading done
3) Head down to Hermosa Beach to watch Notre Dame
4) Head to North Hollywood for Mass at St. Charles Sunday Morning
5) Head to Hollywood to watch the Seahawks Sunday afternoon
6) Get more reading done
7) Finish my Liturgy planning sheet
8) Watch the episode of The Office I missed Thursday

Hopefully I’ll get some pics of some of this stuff to post. I need to be a better blogger.
UPDATE: Apparently when you put in an 8 with a parenthesis it makes one of those lame smiley faces with sunglasses.


Funeral Homily

September 23, 2009

We’ve been going over Funerals in our homiletics class and it’s been very interesting.  Each of us received a randomly selected scenario of a person who recently passed away and the situation that took them into the next life.  With 16 guys in my class, I will hear 15 different situations plus my own.  We have everything from murder victims, to suicide victims, to dead infants, to old age.

My scenario was fairly straight forward, and I must say, much easier than many of my classmates…

“Thomas was a hard working man.  He loved ballet and opera.  When he died, Beethoven was playing on his cassette player.  He was survived by his wife of 48 years.  His children were by his bed when he died.  In his early days he was an usher.  He belonged to the Knights of Columbus.  He prayed the Rosary every day.”

I also received a Gospel reading, which was Luke 12:35-40.  My rough draft I prepared is below the fold.  We don’t use notes when we preach here, so it didn’t come out quite like this, but you get the idea.

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September 20, 2009

I’ll try and have a lengthier post up tonight.  Just finished a big project that has taken up all my time the last two weeks.

Wins by UW over USC (!!!!) and ND over Michigan Stage have me feeling good.


Hard at work…

September 10, 2009

so I can take advantage of an invitation to go see Dave Matthews Band tomorrow in Hollywood, and watch the Seahawks this Sunday.  Don’t expect any updates soon.


My Room

September 4, 2009

Well this semester sure started fast. Not only am I busy with the classes and Liturgy Coordinator position I mentioned in an earlier post, but my class is hard at work on the annual “New Seminarian Party,” which is our job. It’s just to give a more comprehensive introduction since we don’t have many opportunities to really figure out what makes everyone tick. The party is in two weeks and we have a lot of work to do, but its a lot of fun.

Since people like to know the type of accomodations we have inthe seminary I took a few pictures of my room… before I mess it up too bad. I should point out a few things. Yes, this is a brand new dorm room.  I didn’t plan on bringing two computers down but I never had the opportunity to transfer all my files onto my laptop before I left, so I had to haul it down.Dorm room 001
Here is another angle.  Yes, that is my very own bathroom in the corner of the room.  I decided not to include a picture because I thought that would be very creepy.Dorm room 002
I have a lot more books on my shelves now that I do in this picture.  I just hadn’t hauled all of them out of storage at the time this was taken.Dorm room 003
This is the view from my window.  If I didn’t have that tree right in front my room would probably be about 15-20 degrees hotter.  The other end of the hall is miserable right now.Dorm room 004

Lastly, this is the space above my desk with some important reminders of why I’m here.  An icon of our Lady and the Lord, a picture of my family and a picture of some of my friends.

Dorm room 006

That should do it.  I’ve got a busy weekend, so hopefully I’ll have a post up about my plans soon.  But I’ve gotta finish some work if my plans are going to come true, so I’ll see you later.


Great Vocations Video

September 2, 2009

Here’s a great video of some priestly ordinations in NYC this last year. Grassroots films always does an incredible job, and this is no exception.