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Life is Still Good

May 19, 2009

A new stage of formation deserves a new blog.  It’s been almost a year since my last post over at my old place and a lot has happened in a year, including a couple trips: Mexico and Israel. I’ve also deepened my faith in some fairly profound ways, and I owe much of that to the wonderful people of St. Charles Borromeo parish, many of whom will be joining us on this blog that will document my final two years of my journey towards priesthood.

Life is still good. Even though there have been many challenges I’m looking forward to getting everything back on track at the seminary in the fall. Until then though, there won’t be a whole lot of posting here, but I recommend going back to the old site and reading some experiences I’ve had in the first three years of formation.

I recommend this one.

Here are a few posts in my (sadly unfinished) series of posts on my trip to see Pope Benedict XVI in New York.

And of course, some of my commentary on the things that really matter most can be found here.

Don’t worry, that was just a joke. But you might see a lot of that stuff around here.

I began the old blog mainly so I could keep in touch with my friends from college. Because of this, my first three years of blogging have been more about fun stuff I’ve done in LA and a little bit of seminary life. Theological matters and spiritual matters weren’t really addressed. That might change a little bit here, although I’m really not sure. Blogs just have a mind of their own.

But I do hope you enjoy it here, and I hope it will be an easy way for you, my friends, to follow what will no doubt be two of the most crucial years of my life.