February 11, 2010

I have Olympics Fever right now! I’ve always enjoyed the Summer Olympics, but this year I’m excited for these ones. I think the biggest reason I’m so excited this year as opposed to previous years is that most of the events will be going on about an hour from my hometown, just a little south of the US-Canada border.

I’ve always loved the city of Vancouver, and I’m happy that the rest of the World will finally get to see it. I’ve had the privilege of taking a few people up there and they are always shocked at how big and beautiful the city’s skyline is. I’m especially looking forward to seeing Whistler, the Alpine and Nordic skiing venues, on TV, since I’ve traveled there many times and have very happy memories from my college days. As for snow, Whistler should be just fine, but as you might know, Cypress (location of snowboarding, moguls, and aerials) might have some issues as they have been trucking in snow from other parts of the mountain.

If you use Twitter, there are many athletes tweeting their experiences and sharing photos of the various venues and experiences they are having in the City.

I only wish that I was back home so I could take in a few events myself.



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