Human Trafficking

January 12, 2010

Monday was human Trafficking awareness day. The Slave trade is more lucrative right now than it has ever been. Each year, about 800,000 children and young women are being kidnapped and shipped across international borders, usually to work in the sex industry.

Monday, our Mission Peace and Justice club showed a movie on the subject called, Human Trafficking. I believe it was produced through Lifetime. It was quite good, but it was hard to watch at many points throughout. Many of the slaves were children, sold into slavery by their parents. Some were simply kidnapped off the streets. Many women came over to the US from Europe through phony modeling agencies or dating websites.

I’m sure you could find this movie on Netflix, and I recommend that you do. It is well worth seeing.

The website Humantrafficking.org has some good tips on how you can help. But I don’t think the website goes far enough at all.

One line from the end of the movie really stuck with me: “Perhaps most importantly, we must face the fact that none of this horror would have been possible if our culture didn’t create a demand for it.”

How true. Should a culture that allows pornography – the reduction of a human image to an object which is bought and sold – be surprised when a human person is bought and sold? Should a culture that has dehumanized the sexual act itself be surprised when available partners -willing or unwilling- are treated like animals or worse.

Sometime last year, Pope Benedict made a statement that provoked laughter and even anger from certain corners of the media and blogosphere. In offering his own thoughts on how to rid the world of AIDS the Pope said that it would be unwise to use condoms to fight the problem because separating fertility from the physical bond and mutual commitment of spouses was to remove the uniquely human character the act.

The solution to human trafficking as well as AIDS, pornography, and prostitution is for all of us to rediscover and restore the human character of the sexual act. For now, I’ll leave exactly what that might mean for you to ponder.


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