A Lot Has Happened…

January 4, 2010

… since my last post. Some of it was good and some of it was bad. I’ll spare you the details of the bad news and just say that a lot of people I know have had a rough go over the last couple of months. Like, really really rough. Worst nightmare coming true kind of stuff. Lots of needs for prayers, so if you feel like it, just pray for my special intentions.

Onto a couple of good things:

Concert of the Decade: U2 at the Rose Bowl. I was there. I was in the back row, but I was in the building. Luckily, the whole thing was streamed on Youtube… here is my favorite moment of the night:

Oh, and Black Eyed Peas made for a somewhat surprisingly great opener.

And also… CLIFF LEE!!!!!!! If you don’t know who that is than you probably have no appreciation for the awesomeness that is Jack Zduriencik. If you don’t know who that is then you probably don’t follow the Mariners. CLIFF LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also finished a semester. I haven’t received my grades yet, but I think I did pretty well. Even if I didn’t do well, its still over and I’m inching closer to finishing all this up.

Break was wonderful. I got to see most of my friends. I also made a couple trips to Tacoma to attend Mass at my internship parish. I love that place… simple as that. I know a lot of you who read this are members of that parish and might be blushing right now, but thanks for all you did for me. The few minutes (seconds in some cases) that I got to spend with you really meant a lot and gave me a bit of motivation to really buckle down and get the most out of this retreat.

Oh yeah… I’m on retreat right now. Silence starts tomorrow and will continue until Friday at noon. It won’t be total silence, as I’ll be meeting with my spiritual director a couple times. Liturgy of the Hours and Mass are also obviously spoken as well. Anyways, one of the rules is no computers, including email… I’m not sure I’m going to stick to that one completely. The reason is that I like to write while I’m on retreat and if I think of anything to say I might (and I stress… MIGHT) post it. Other than that, I’ll probably be at Adoration or walking through campus saying my rosary for your intentions or catching up on some reading or just pondering life’s mysteries… or just getting some needed rest.

Ummm…. one more thing I guess: I love you all. I wouldn’t be in seminary if I didn’t.



  1. We love you too. Thank you for your sacrifices. You are Always in our prayers!

    I give thanks to my God at every remembrance of you (Philippians 1:3)

  2. It was a real “gift” to get to see you too while you were on break! We’re praying for you – keep up the good work.

  3. We love you too, Bryan. Truly, you are a treasured friend, and you are in our prayers daily. Tom loved getting to play some Halo with you while you were in town, too!

  4. Don’t worry about your grades. You’ll do fine! We’re praying for you.

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