Classes Begin

August 31, 2009

It’s getting well into night time now Sunday Night, which means I’m thinking about classes tomorrow. Well, I really don’t have class tomorrow actually. The only class I have scheduled for Mondays is an elective in Moral Theology called, “Morality and the Scriptures.” I won’t have it tomorrow because the Cardinal is coming for our opening Mass, which is always a lot of fun. After Mass with the Cardinal, we have cocktail hour with some appetizers. Then, we have a very nice dinner. It is one of the best days of the year, for sure.

Then Tuesday reality sets in. The rest of my classes are as follows:

– Spanish
– Church History: The Patristic Era (The Early Church)
– Canon Law: Sacramental Ministry and Law
– Homiletics: Liturgical Preaching (Preaching at Funerals and Weddings).
– Moral Theology: Theology of Marriage and Human Sexuality
– Sacramental Theology

Yeah. So that’s pretty busy. It comes out to about 17 credit hours. Not only that, but I have been appointed “Liturgy Coordinator.” There are three of us who will rotate each week.

I will say that I’m very excited about this schedule, though. Not only are the classes great, but the professors are excellent! Here is the website of one of my profs, where you can look at what we’re going to be learning.

I’ve also snapped some shots of my room that I’ll be posting shortly, so check back soon!


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