A Few Things Before I Leave…

August 21, 2009

Today I’m basically sorting through everything I need to take with me back to LA. I’m trimming down the books I plan to haul down, and probably won’t take any of my DVDs outside of a couple seasons of The Simpsons.

It’s always really frustrating for me to do this. I have all these books that I should/want to read and I’m just reminded at how I’ll probably never get around to it. And I do mean NEVER.

So that’s what I’m doing today and Tomorrow morning. Then on Saturday my friend Dan is going to come up to Bellingham. We’ll hit up a couple of our favorite Bellingham Spots and reminisce a bit, then we’ll go to the SPACEBAND! concert at The Fairhaven.

Then Sunday Morning, I’ll put Bham in my rearview mirror again and head down to LA, with a pit stop in Tacoma to go to the St. Charles Parish Picnic.

I hope to arrive in LA sometime Wednesday.

I can’t believe how fast I’m moving through formation.

God Bless.



  1. Well, I guess that means you didn’t want the book I was going to get you. See you in a year or so.

  2. No… it means I was lazy and didn’t pack early enough and I had to run early. I’ll be back in Dec.

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