Out of Cold Water

July 6, 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates. I just felt like my last post needed to stay up for a little while than longer than normal.

I’m back in LA and doing some work with my classmates at the Seminary. Over the next couple of days I’ll elaborate a little more on that and I’ll try finish up some posts about Mexico.

Mexico. A surprising place. I ran out of cold water yesterday. Yes. Cold water. Running out of hot water is a normal, sometimes everyday occurance for many people, but this is the first I’ve experienced running out of cold water.

So my shower yesterday was scalding hot and there was no way to cool it off. It was fascinating.

That’s it for now, check back soon for updates.


One comment

  1. ha ha! We ran out of water COMPLETELY in Honduras, hot and cold! Try flushing with that one! Sorry – that would be a ‘no-go’… literally! If the electricity went out, the water ran out. The water was pumped up to the tower and then the gravity did the rest! Thank God for technology and generators!! We didn’t have go without for very long at a time! Glad you are back! Study hard and post soon!

    Peace, Laurie

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