Not Much to Report

June 26, 2009

This week flew by. I´ve been doing very well with my spanish, which has been great. This program I´m attending has 6 hours of class a day. Four of these hours are with a teacher and it´s in a classroom setting. I´m taking private lessons, so these 4 hours are very tiring. At about 11 every day I really hit a wall. But it´s fun… we´ve been watching some Mexican/South American films. When I get lost I ask my teacher to stop the DVD and I´ll ask her questions and she´ll try to explain. It´s a pretty good way to work on listening skills.

The final two hours of class are with a local University Student. It´s one on one as well, so there is plenty of time to talk. This person is our ´guia´or our guide to the city. They take us to Museums, and Churches, and lots of other places around the city. Since I´ve pretty seen everything of interest in Puebla my guia and I just drank a lot of coffee and watched a lot of Soccer. But there has been some good evidence that I´m improving, because my past guias have all hade to speak a little bit of english to help me understand what they are saying. Well, this one didn´t speak any English at all and we rarely had any moments where we failed to understand each other.

In the afternoon I go to Eucharistic Adoration and Mass. It always rains in the afternoon here, so I kind of just go when it isn´t raining. So I have about 4 places I like to go. Here is a picture of my favorite Church, La Capilla Del Rosario (Chapel of the Rosary). It´s a little chapel attached to San Miguel´s parish, which is run by the Dominicans

Here is a picture of the Sanctuary…3849483
Yeah, it´s pretty awesome. It isn´t solid Gold though, just a heck of a lot of Gold Paint. But it´s a great place to attend Mass, and it´s very close to my school.

I´ve got some pretty cool plans for the weekend. Tomorrow (Saturday) a few of the folks from the Institute and I are going up to some Volcanoes on horseback. Hopefully I´ll get some pictures up here. After we get back I´m going to meet a couple of the students at the VIP movie theater to see Transformers 2… one thing where Mexico has us beat is in Movie Theaters. They are really, really nice here. And cheap.

Then Sunday I´m going to go to Mass and watch the US play Brazil in the Confederations Cup Final.

Take it easy, everyone.

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  1. That’s gorgeous.

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